"Imagination is the highest form of research"

Can you imagine being able to reuse the source code of your application or modules, configure them according to your requirements and create new projects from them? Can you imagine that your team is able to continuously develop, deliver and deploy complex cloud based application 10 times faster than your competition ? If not, then do not read further.

Since the year 2000, our scientists are working on development of new programming approach ( named Configuration-Oriented Programming and Hyperprogramming ) that extend Object Oriented Programming ( first time used in 1967 ) with new levels of abstraction at the level of programming language architecture.These new levels of abstraction are :

- Configuration ( represents the architecture of resulting Information system )
- Composite configuration ( represents the architecture of business domain )

There are number of benefits in this new programming approach but the most significant is that that programming of complex solutions is much easier, faster and consumes less resources, than using traditional imperative ( Java, C, C++, PhP, ...) or declarative ( Prolog, LISP ) programming languages.

Our company has developed full featured cloud based IDE ( called Hyperix ), that is not only fully developed using COP and Hyperprogramming approach, but allows us to design complex information systems at unprecendent speed & quality.

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