TESERON.iosoftware development service at a glance

State-of-the-art technology

Instead of writing software from the scratch we use state-of-the-art development platform, that allows us real-time coding, compiling, testing, monitoring and deployment of cloud first applications. Our pre-build modules are fully configurable to the clients needs and include Content Management, CRM, Warehouse Management, Mobile apps, SaaS management and subscriptions, User's management, Integrations & REST API's, Business logics, Automated Tasks & Workflows, DB management, monitoring & incidents management. Enterprise level security & scalability.

Fast Time To Market

Do you want to see your project online as fast as possible? Don't bother with building your development team, dev-ops, project management. Instead focus on your business and leave the whole development on us. Provide us with outline of desired functionality and let us fast build the prototype ( or MVP ) so you can start testing with your potential clients or customers as soon as possible.Use the power of our pre-build modules that may be fully customized to your needs. Our technology naturally supports Evolutionary development, so we can easily add new features and functionalities even in late stages of development.

Designed for projects of any size

Do you have an idea of complex SaaS solution or your require just simple prototype to test your idea ? No problem with us. We can provide you with anything from simplier projects that last week(s) to develop, to complex projects that are designed to support thousands of concurrent users. Using our technology we build customized web portals, e-commerce solutions, warehouse management systems, software integrations, REST Api's, backend portals and much more. Lets get in touch and discuss your software requirements today.

Technology that makes the difference

Teseron.io is not only software development service, but also a completly new technology & development platform designed by our engineers, that makes it possible to happen.When compared to other professional development platforms Teseron offers exceptional level of speed, customization & extensibility. Our fully managed development & maintenance service allows you to stay focused on main business objectives and leave all the software delivery work on us. Its a win-win scenario.

Simple and effective code structure results in very fast and responsive solutions that use less server resources and are much easier and cheaper to develop & maintain.Experience the power of Teseron

About Us

Teseron Cloud Services Ltd. is a deep technology software house focused on basic and applied research in the field of new programming languages and information systems. During the past 17 years we have invented and developed new programming approach called Configuration-Oriented Programming and Hyperprogramming that significantly simplifies and speeds up development of complex process-oriended information systems.

Our concepts were presented on 6th Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference in Moscow ( year 2010 ) and our technology is accepted and recognized as a novel programming principle by Comenius University Bratislava, Slovakia (faculty of Mathematics & Physics & Informatics

What People are Saying

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Perfect solution for complex integrations, simple and effective way to code and configure your solution.

Tomáš Železník, Mobilonline

Teseron.io is helping us to solve complex integration tasks simplier & faster than traditional way.

Slavomir Mikolaj, Shirtplatform