TESERON.ioHyperinformation system at a glance

Innovative technology

Instead of writing software from the scratch we use highly innovative & scientific research backed development platform, that allows us real-time coding, compiling, testing, monitoring and deployment of complex enteprise scale applications. Our pre-build modules are fully configurable to the clients needs and include Content Management, CRM, Warehouse Management, Mobile apps, SaaS management and subscriptions, User's management, Integrations & REST API's, Business logics, Automated Tasks & Workflows, DB management, Industry 4.0 connectors, monitoring & incidents management. Enterprise level security & scalability.

Fast Time To Market

Do you want to see your project online as fast as possible? Don't bother with building your development team, dev-ops, project management. Instead focus on your business and leave the whole development on us. Provide us with outline of desired functionality and let us fast build the prototype ( or MVP ) so you can start testing with your clients as soon as possible.Use the power of our pre-build modules that may be fully customized to your needs. Our academic research backed technology naturally supports evolutionary development, so we can easily add new features and functionalities even in late stages of development.

Designed for complex solutions

Are you developing extensive Web portal, Warehouse management system, CRM, Industry 4.0 production control or E-commerce site? Are you demanding lighting speed, fast developmnent and zero meaintenance ? Do you want to run it in private cloud, on premise or as Software-as-a-service solution ? Does security,scalability or high availability concern you ? No problem with our technology. Its been already tested on enterprise level projects. Lets get in touch and discuss your software requirements today.


Our technology is backed by 15+ years of scientific research and provides unprecendent development speed, security and maintainability even after years of development. Instead of writing each project from the scratch we benefit from high level of reusability of our pre-build & fully configurable modules that include CMS, CRM, WMS, Mobile Apps, Users managemen & subscriptions, Integrations & REST API's, Business logic, Automated Tasks & Workflows, DB management, enterprise level security,logging, monitoring, incident management and other.

About Us

Teseron's team is reshaping the future of development of complex enterprise-level projects. We are unafraid to go against established norms and explore creativity. Our primary drive is to generate breakthrough ideas and convert them into solutions. We respect innovation over tradition.

Our technologie is based on concept of Configuration-Oriented Programming and Hyperprogramming that we presented for the first time on 6th Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference in Moscow , and since its been succesfully tested on enterprise scale projects.