TESERON.iodevelopment platform at a glance

Cloud native & serverless

Full featured cloud-based IDE, that allows real-time coding, compiling, testing, monitoring and deployment. Integrated editing, test & production environments, versions control, powerfull logging, integrated database, monitoring & incidents management. Enterprise level security & scalability. Neither installation, nor servers management - all in one solution for all backend development & integration tasks.

Fully managed integration service

Instead of learning new technology, experience our fully managed integration service.There are variety of ways, how to benefit from Teseron.io - its perfect for custom integrations with complex business logic, creating complex system testing scenarios of your existing business processes or as an excellent request tracing & monitoring tool. Want more ? Sure, its a coding platform :-)

Build for real professionals

Using Teseron.io we can develop custom API's, integrations, webhooks, proxy servers, ETL & data orchestration processes, system testing scenarios with complex business logic. It supports real-time recording of requests between several end-points. Powerfull combination of low code configurations & scripting, native support for REST, SOA, XML calls, time jobs, logging, integrated DB makes Teseron.io excellent tool for even very complex tasks.

Simplicity and speed that really matter

Teseron.io is not only new low-code development platform, but its whole environment is completly build using new programming principle, invented by our company.The main characteristics of it is SIMPLICITY. When compared to other professional integration platforms Teseron.io offers exceptional level of customization & extensibility. Our fully managed integration service allows you to stay focused on main business objectives and leave all the integration work on us. Its a win-win scenario.

Simple and effective code structure results in very fast and responsive integrations, backend jobs or API's able to handle much more request per second than traditional programming approaches. Experience the power of Teseron.io

About Us

"Fix the cause, not the symptom"

Teseron Cloud Services is a deep technology software house focused on basic and applied research in the field of new programming languages and information systems. During the past 17 years we have invented and developed new programming approach called Configuration-Oriented Programming and Hyperprogramming that significantly simplifies and sepeds up development of complex process-oriended information systems. We have tested our innovative technologies on several very complex software projects and Teseron.io is one of them. .

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What People are Saying

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Perfect solution for complex integrations, simple and effective way to code and configure your solution.

Tomáš Železník, Mobilonline

Teseron.io is helping us to solve complex integration tasks simplier & faster than traditional way.

Slavomir Mikolaj, Shirtplatform