Our services

Business Consulting and analysis

We design each automation solution for Industry 4.0, logistics, or supply chain segments individually, to meet the customer's expectations 100%. Often, this involves integrating existing information systems with new systems and managing business processes between them. Since these are usually critical business processes that control the production or distribution of a company, it is important that they are built robustly and reliably. And this is exactly what we excel at. We analyze your business requirements and suggest the best way to achieve desired goals & KPI's

Integrations & monitoring

Many enterprises typically use a large number of diverse software and hardware solutions such as ERP, WMS, CMS, IoT sensors, data warehouses, analytical tools, and much more. Effective and monitored integration is one of the most important aspects of achieving flawless automation for your business. It is therefore very important to measure cross system communication and optimize for performance, reliability, and other KPI's.  Our integrations and monitoring technology is tested in highly demanding environments. 

Custom projects development

As a software company specializing in industrial automation, we have extensive experience in creating complex and reliable automation solutions for 3rd party vendors. If you are for example a manufacturer of logistics equipment and want to expand your product offering with automation workflows or an intelligent WMS solution tailored to your customer's needs, we can provide you with a customized solution, integrated with your HW. Or do you need to control business processes in your automated warehouse? No problem with us. Our technologies allow for the creation of various software projects that can be fully customized to meet the needs of our clients.

Smart Automation platform 4.0

Our technology is highly effective for the design and development of custom-tailored automation projects that involve complex business processes and integration with different providers. We have lots of experience in many fields such as  ERP solutions ( Accounting, CRM, Helpdesk, Documents flow, BPM.. ) Smart Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 ( WMS, WES, WCS, Production planning, smart logistics, IoT) Hardware Integrations  ( Code readers, Smart Gloves, E-Tags...) Data Transformation, orchestration, and much more...

About Us

Our team is focused on custom-tailored projects in the field of smart automation for clients who are demanding a high level of customization & enterprise-level reliability. We have experience in the fields of ERP, smart warehousing, logistics, manufacturing, E-commerce, and others. Our solutions are designed to meet customers' KPIs and grow together with their requirements.