Center of Excellencein software development

Low code without trade-offs

Instead of writing software the standard way, we use a fundamentally new & scientific research-based LOW CODE development platform ( download detailed description in PDF ), that allows real-time development, compiling, testing, monitoring,  and deployment of complex enterprise-scale applications much faster than the traditional way. Our fully programmable IS architecture enables simple use of pre-build & configurable modules that include Content Management, CRM, Warehouse Management, Mobile apps, SaaS management and subscriptions, User management, Integrations & REST APIs, Business logics, Automated Tasks & Workflows, DB management, Industry 4.0 connectors, monitoring & incidents management. Enterprise-level security & scalability.

Development & knowledge transfer

We are not a standard software house - we are a center of excellence in software engineering and a knowledge transfer company. We help our clients to speed up and simplify the process of development of complex information systems. Our technologies and development methodologies have been tested on enterprise-scale projects with great results. If you choose to work with us, we will help you to build the basic architecture of IS and subsequently onboard & train your team to work with your technologies. Provide us with an outline of project functionality and let us build the prototype so you can start testing with your clients as soon as possible. With the power of our technology, we will help you to become the market leader in your industry.

Designed for complex solutions

Unlike other low-code platforms, our technology excels in the most complex software projects, where are its benefits immediately visible. It's designed for cloud-native solutions such as  Web portals, ERPs, Accounting, Warehouse Management,  Logistics, Software integrations, Industry 4.0 automation, BPM, Marketplaces, E-commerce projects, Banking & Finance, etc. Are you demanding lighting speed, fast development, and zero maintenance? Do you want to run it in a private cloud, on-premise, or as a Software-as-a-service solution? Does security, scalability, or high availability concern you? No problem with our technology. Its been already successfully tested on multiple enterprise-scale projects. Let's get in touch and discuss your project requirements today.

Technology of the Next Generation

Teseron Hyperinformation System ( Open detailed specifications PDF )  is based on 20+ years of scientific research and provides unprecedented development speed, security and maintainability even after years of development. Among its main features, is full support for Evolutionary development that prolongs projects' lifespan, Test case-driven development that significantly reduces software failures,  Full control over project security at the code level, and never seen Multilayer customization options, not only at the project level but also at the end-user level

Download White Paper on Configuration-Oriented Programming & Hyperprogramming

About Us

Teseron's team is reshaping the future of the development of complex enterprise-level projects. We are unafraid to go against established norms and explore creativity. Our primary drive is to generate breakthrough ideas and convert them into solutions. We respect innovation over tradition.

Our technology is based on the concept of Configuration-Oriented Programming and Hyperprogramming that we presented for the first time at the 6th Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference, in 2010 and since then it's been successfully tested on enterprise-scale projects. It's accepted by Comenius University, Slovakia as a novel & agile programming principle.