Several USE CASES where our clients used environment

Custom wrapper over complicated XML format

One of our clients is running ERP solution that has a complicated way of connecting with other applications. It was done via DB Connector, which connects directly to the SQL DB and performs allowed jobs. The communication protocol was done in XML and was outdated. Our client decided to use to create a wrapper over the DB connector, which behaves as a Json-based API, and the calls are translated by the wrapper into the proprietary XML format of ERP. In this way, they were able to send their 3rd party providers just API reference and it was much easier to connect to the ERP

Traffic logging and monitoring server

This client had a communication problem between 3rd party suppliers of ERP and Eshop system. They blamed each other for bad quality of data & problems and of course, the main "victim" was our client. They have decided to use to solve this problem. It was used as a "proxy server" which logs all communication between 3rd party suppliers, and all scenarios can be re-tested. Shortly after installation, our client was able to identify the real problems with the communication and the problem was quickly resolved by 3rd party providers, with great time & money savings on all sites.

Internal infrastructure testing

More information comming soon..